Import Settings

If you're configuring the app settings for the first time after installation, you must follow the Account Name configuration step to finish the setup.

First-time required: Account Name configuration

During configuration after the first time install, you'll see a field for Account Name, as shown in the image below. You may enter your Shopify store name in this field.

NOTE: Avoid entering any special characters such as &, =, or / in the account name field.

The import settings allow you to set up the auto imports. The configurable options are:

  1. Time Zone: Use this to specify the time zone that your online store operates in.

  2. Enable auto import/export: When enabled, the auto import and export processes such as order import, fulfillment export, etc. are turned ON.

  3. Integration Start Date: This field allows you to specify the date on and after which you want the integration to start. Any transactions previous to this date will be ignored and filtered out from syncing into Xoro.

  4. Hour: Used to specify the regular sync interval hours.

  5. Mins: Used to specify the regular sync interval minutes.

  6. Auto Import Start Time Offset: This field is used to add an offset (specified in minutes) to the sync interval minutes.

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