This page provides information on payout import actions.

  1. Import By Date Range: This option allows you to import Shopify Payouts within the specified date range. Simply select a start date and an end date, and click on import. This will fetch all the Shopify payouts that were created within that date range and add them to the order import queue for (re)processing.

  1. Import By Payout ID: This option allows you to import a specific group of payouts by either a payout ID or a custom query.

    1. Payout ID: This field allows you to import multiple payouts by their ID. This ID can be found in the URL (.../payments/payouts/<payout_id>) of an order. Each payout ID needs to be separated by a comma (,).

    2. Custom Query: This field allows you to run a custom query to import payout(s). This is an advanced query field that should only be used if you are familiar with Shopify GET payout queries.

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