Sync Third Party Customer And Company Data With Xoro

A feature ensures that once an order is dropped in Xoro from Shopify, Xoro automatically synchronizes the customer and company data linked to that specific order.


An additional feature added with the app setting allows users to fetch a specific invoice based on the ThirdPartyCustomerId and ThirdPartyCompanyId by using the invoice API endpoint.

This API accepts multiple parameters. However, if users wants to retrieve data using third-party customer and company IDs, they can utilize the following parameters:

  • third_party_customer_id

  • third_party_company_id

With these two parameters, users gain the ability to precisely retrieve invoices associated with a specific Third Party Customer and Company Id. To initiate the retrieval process, users must use the provided API endpoint along with the specified parameters. Upon submission, the Xoro system navigates through the database, filtering and extracting invoices corresponding to the designated Third Party Customer and Company IDs.

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