Loop Returns

If you use Shopify in combination with Loop, you can sync Loop returns as RMA's, process them directly in Xoro which will sync them across Shopify, Loop, & Xoro.

This guide will step through a typical return scenario where RMA's are used in Xoro.

  1. Let's start with a typical Shopify order that's been dropped into Xoro and fulfilled/shipped. Then, the end customer decides to make a return or exchange on an item. They will initiate the return and it will appear in Loop's "Returns" page.

  2. Before proceeding any further, in order to drop Loop returns as RMA's into Xoro, we need to ensure Loop is selected as the Third Party Return Source, Loop's API token is entered, and syncing returns is enabled - as so:

  3. There are 3 ways to import Loop returns into Xoro as RMA's:

    1. Manually by date range:

    2. Manually by RMA:

      The Loop return ID can be found in the URL of an opened return. For example, the following URL: https://admin.loopreturns.com/returns/52393555 would have a return ID of 52393555.

    3. Automatically import Loop returns based on the Shopify app scheduler polling setting (ie. every 15 or 30 minutes).

  4. After a Loop return has been dropped into Xoro as an RMA, it will also generate an ASN automatically that is linked to the RMA. After the returned item has arrived, you can receive the ASN. Once the ASN has been closed, the Loop return will be automatically processed or flagged within a minute. You can check this by viewing the Loop return. If the ASN was not fully received, the Loop return will be flagged. If it was fully received, then it will be processed. For flagged returns, you will have to manually take action within Loop.

  5. For processed returns, upon the next Xoro Shopify App sync, the relevant transactions will be dropped into Xoro - depending on the return type:

    1. Credit: a gift card will get dropped into Xoro as a credit memo.

    2. Refund: a refunded credit memo will get dropped into Xoro.

    3. Exchange: exchange order is dropped into Xoro.

  6. If a credit or refund was dropped, then the process ends here. In the future when the customer uses the gift card on their next order, the credit memo will automatically be applied to the invoice in Xoro. If an exchange order was dropped, then that order is picked packed and shipped as usual.

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