The warehousing section of order import settings allows you to configure the following:

  1. Invoices OR Orders: This toggle allows you to choose between dropping Shopify orders directly as invoices or as sales orders in Xoro. This is usually set to invoices for Shopify POS orders as the sale does not require going through the pick/pack/ship process.

  2. Ship Store: This dropdown allows you to choose a ship store from where the inventory will be depleted once the Shopify order drops.

  3. Location Name: This field specifies the location in the Ship Store from where the inventory is consumed.

  4. Return Store: This dropdown allows you to choose a Return Store where the returned inventory is restocked as 'available' or 'not available' - based on the restock flag in Shopify return.

  5. Return Location: This field specifies the location in the Return Store where the inventory is restocked.

  6. Enable ASN for returns: When enabled, the line-level returns from Shopify will drop as a "Warehouse" type credit memo and an ASN will automatically be created.

  7. Generate Direct Type Credit Memo for Restocked Items: When enabled, a "Direct" type of credit memo is created in Xoro when a returned item is also restocked on Shopify.

  8. Adjust Not Available Quantity: When enabled, the quantity is reduced from On-Hand automatically for the "Direct" type of credit memos with restock flag set to false on Shopify.

  9. Send Fulfillments: This check is used to enable or disable sending fulfillment confirmations back to Shopify when the respective orders are shipped in Xoro. This also sends a notification to the customer that their order has been shipped.

  10. Auto Release Sales Orders: When enabled, sales orders will be automatically 'released' in Xoro, when dropped from Shopify.

  11. Auto Wave Sales Orders: When enabled, the orders are automatically waved (based on the waving rule specified in the setting below) provided that enough inventory is available.

  12. Wave Method: This dropdown allows you to choose from the waving methods based on your shipping process.

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